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Sweet spot for art with Sweet Art Emporium

I love meeting our various small business owners because they are so passionate about their business. This month's From Fluvanna podcast focuses on Erika Mitchell, owner of Sweet Art Emporium.

Erika is a local artisan and when the shop she was listing her products in announced it was closing, Erika's lifelong dream of opening an artisan store suddenly became her reality. She now has 50 artists at her shop in Village Station in Palmyra.

Sweet Art Emporium opened February 2019. The first year was all about getting the relationships with artisans and filling the shop. Because of strong community support, Erika looks forward to growing the business with partnerships with other businesses and other art related events.

Learn all about Erika's journey to owning Sweet Art Emporium in this edition of #FromFluvanna.

From Fluvanna,


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