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Spring is coming

Updated: Apr 1

Spring is coming. I know it!

I know it because the weather is changing. It is getting warmer (and consequently raining more). I hear the birds chirping more and I'm starting to see grass is starting to lose it's yellow and get some green.

I also know spring is coming because businesses that were closed for winter and opening back up. This weekend Plants N Things on Union Mills Road is opening! I've passed the sign numerous times waiting for this week. Make sure to check it out for plants (and things)!

Also opening this weekend is Thistle Gate Vineyard. Powers and Brown band will provide music from 1-3 pm and there will be food provided. The vineyard opens at 12 pm and closes at 5 pm. Reservations are recommended so contact the vineyard to save your spot.

I'm telling you, spring is coming. I know it!

From Fluvanna,


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