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New 'shoes' for my wife('s car)

I looked at my wife's car and quickly realized she needs new tires and fast. To make matters worse, we also need to take it for a state inspection so I really needed to get her new tires quickly.

Today I left the house a few minutes early so I could stopped by Campbell Equipment for some fresh shoes for her car. Drove in, they said park it here. About 15 minutes later, my wife's car was outfitted with four fresh tires.

This is the second time I've gotten new tires at Campbell Equipment. The first time my tire had a nail in the sidewall and they took care of me in similar fashion. It is amazing how many of my friends have gone to Campbell because of fair pricing and quality service.

One of my friends had a nail in the tire. Stopped by Campbell Equipment and they looked at it and said, "we will take care of it, you bought them here." She was on her way in no time without paying anything.

Even today I had an issue with my wheel being slightly damaged. He recommended the best way to order a new wheel. "Get the wheel and bring it back. Because you bought the tires here, we will change it out for you at no cost."

That's why I'm glad they are #FromFluvanna. I got to check-off another 101+ Things to Do in Fluvanna and I got my wife new shoes, just for her car! :) Have you stopped by before? What was your experience?

From Fluvanna,


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