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My special hibachi lunch special

My childhood friend and I have birthdays two months apart. To celebrate each year, he takes me out for lunch and a month or two after I take him out for lunch. It is a fun way to do our birthdays and I look forward to our selections each year.

This year I picked one of my favorite lunch specials, hibachi lunch plate at the Asian Café in Jefferson Centre. In fact, this isn't the first time this year I've celebrated my lunch there! I went there with coworkers before my birthday.

The lunch special is hibachi with choice of one meat, vegetables and fried rice. I love hibachi and most special occasions in my life have been commemorated at the closest hibachi restaurant. Asian Café is one of the best I've celebrated in.

The staff is so friendly and the food comes out quickly. I've been with large groups and just two people, each time the food is delicious and we are able to get in an out with no issue. And of course my favorite is Yum Yum sauce! They serve it in a big bottle, which is something I need!

I loved this year I was able to have a great birthday lunch (2x) and check off number 59 on 101+ Things to Do in Fluvanna! Where do you go for your birthday lunch?

From Fluvanna,


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