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LOVE the Fluvanna Outdoors

During this time of COVID, we are seeing outdoor activities increasing in popularity. Even in the heat, people are seeking to do outdoor activities. Over the next few weeks we will highlight some outdoor activities for you and family or friends to participate in. As always, make sure you are following guidelines and regulations such as social distancing and masks.

Our first stop in outdoor activities is Fruit Hill Orchard on Route 53. Fruit Hill has peaches available current along with numerous other items for sale. You can get fresh fruit, honey, and other items such as jam, salad dressing and more. The farm store is well equipped to grab a taste of Fluvanna! Grabbing a peach from Fruit Hill is number 23 on the list of 101+ Things to Do in Fluvanna.

View the list of 101+ Things to Do in Fluvanna in the From Fluvanna app!

My favorite 2020 addition to the orchard is the larger than life LOVE sign made out of fruit baskets. You can't leave without getting a picture with or of the LOVE sign. Not only that, you could mark off another 101+ Things to Do, number 9!

Fruit Hill Orchard Directions

Afterwards grab lunch at a nearby eatery by going to Food & Drink then searching "near me" in the From Fluvanna app.

Happy orcharding!

From Fluvanna,


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