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Grab a Palmyra selfie

In case you were looking for a place to take a Palmyra selfie, I now have a great location scouted for you. This location is easy to get to and you don't have to worry about people photobombing you. No one wants a selfie photobombed.

Just head to Palmyra and stop by Village Station on Route 15. On the north side of the building, there it is! A life-sized postcard of Palmyra. You can grab that Palmyra postcard selfie to show people you are #FromFluvanna. Afterwards make sure to stop by the wonderful businesses that make up Village Station!

If you want to save a stamp on your next postcard, just text your friends your selfie to send some love from Fluvanna. Plus, you'll be checking off number 35 on the 101+ Things to Do in Fluvanna: Take a picture with the life-sized postcard at Village Station.

From Fluvanna,


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