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Go Team Fluff!

Image Credit: Animal Planet

Sunday you may or may not have friends over to watch an event on television that everyone talks about the next day. You know, the one. The one where the participants claw their way to the top. The one where the participants are just trying to better themselves with a life changing event. Of course, I mean the PUPPY BOWL!

Did you know that for Puppy Bowl XVI, a dog #FromFluvanna is playing on Team Fluff. Killian, a Great Dane from Green Dogs Unleashed, was 16 weeks old at the time of filming . You can even purchased a Puppy Bowl 2020 shirt from Green Dogs Unleashed!

You can learn more about Killian from CBS19.

Cheer on Fluvanna's finest Sunday at 3 pm on Animal Planet. Go Team Fluff and beat Team Ruff!

From Fluvanna,


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