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From Fluvanna: There's an app for that

Today is a day over a month in the making! You may not have anticipated it as much as I have but I'm so excited to announce the "From Fluvanna app!"

First disclosure, it isn't an app that you download from the app store. You go to, when you are on your phone, click "add to home screen". Now, it will operate just like any other app! It is that simple. If you are on a computer or tablet, click "full". As we update information, your app in any form will update.

What's on the app? Everything and anything that is #fromFluvanna. Any business that is from Fluvanna can be listed on the app! This is not a recommendation list. This is just a handy directory of businesses from Fluvanna. But that's not all it is!

We also have listings for schools, recreation spots, and utility providers. We even have a list of 101+ Things to Do in Fluvanna. We are well over our goal and up to 139 things to do in Fluvanna!

If you are a business owner and not yet listed, just click "add a listing" and we'll do the research to get you on. If you are a resident and you notice we are missing a business from Fluvanna, click "add a listing" and we'll do the research to get that business listed.

This is your one-stop shop for things #fromFluvanna! When your friends ask for details on a business #fromFluvanna, tell them, "Hey, there's an app for that!"

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There are great people, things, and businesses from Fluvanna. This site highlights all of those great things. Check out the new Fluvanna Business Directory and available small business resources. This website is maintained by the Fluvanna Economic Development Office.

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