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Friday of Small Business Week

I'm wrapping up my tour of small businesses here on Friday. I hope you've enjoyed this week of celebrating Small Business Week!

I started just up the road from my office by ducking into the Scrappy Elephant. Then I drove up to Jefferson Centre to see Rivanna Woods Financial Tax Services, Pearls & Nails, Protel AT&T, Blue 53, Villa Nova's, Amo Gelato Caffe, Monticello Mattress & More, Asian Cafe and Mailbox Express.

Then I was over to Heritage Place to visit with the Elephantz Trunk, locally owned Papa Johns, Commonwealth Dentistry, and locally owned Verizon store. After that I saw Ground Effects and Mulch Monkeys before seeing Debra Kurre in Haden Place. I ended my day with Fork Union Family Medicine.

For lunch I had Wahoo BBQ rib platter! It was delicious. We have so many great restaurants in the county. I wish I could've eaten them all this week in appreciation.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to all of our small businesses to say thanks. But we are all so thankful for the small businesses that are #fromFluvanna. You can continue the conversation and do your own tour of the county. Use #buyfromFluvanna when shopping in the county to let people know you are shopping local!

View the final video below. Happy Small Business Week!

From Fluvanna,


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