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Fluvanna Rail Trail explained!

The Economic Development Office is doing #Fluvanna365, a picture a day for 2021. You can learn about this initiative here.

I like posting pictures of the Rail Trail because it is: (a) my second favorite trail in the county and (b) close to my office. We've received a few questions of, "I don't know where this is" or "How do I get here?" or "Where is this?"

The Economic Development Office is here to help!

The Rail Trail is located in the Village of Palmyra. Enter Palmyra at Main Street (either end!). The parking lot is adjacent to the Fluvanna Courthouse (not the Historic Courthouse, the one in use!). You will see signs at the end of the parking lot for the start of the trail.

View a video of the trail below

It is a one-way spur and approximately 0.5 mile. The trail is perfect for a leisurely stroll, especially with those that aren't big into hiking. While the trail is very flat, it is not perfectly smooth. The tree roots have enjoyed expansion since the railroad is no longer there. But those same trees provide excellent coverage so you don't need to worry about excessive sunshine. In high school I used to run it as a good warm-up before heading to Pleasant Grove for a bit further of a jog.

There are benches along the trail to take breaks and even a Rivanna River overlook near the parking lot. There is also an overlook on the southern end of the trail towards the Courthouse.

The trail is on the old Virginia Airline rail bed. The railroad line was abandoned in the 1970s. It connected the railroad along the James River to points north including stops in Cohasset, Palmyra, Wildwood and beyond the county.

A perfect weekend activity could include a picnic in Palmyra after walking the trail. There are picnic tables near County Administration Building or in Civil War Park. You can also walk a bit more and do a self-guided walking tour of Palmyra. While walking through Palmyra make sure to check out local shops in Palmyra.

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