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#FloatFluvanna is wrapping up

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That brings me to a water related photo I took a few weeks back. I've driven over Petit Bridge numerous times. If you include the original Pettit Bridge too, it has been countless times! Do you know what Pettit Bridge is?

It is the bridge in Palmyra that goes over the Rivanna River. The original was a steel truss bridge. I always found that bridge so much fun as a kid because it was the only steel truss bridge I went over. On my way to elementary school, I crossed it twice a day. That bridge, named after Pembroke Pettit, was built in 1931.

In 2007, Pembroke Pettit Bridge was replaced with the current structure. After driving over it so many times, I decided it was time to walk over it!

The walk has a very nice history lesson as you go. Plus, I got the cool photo that is on the top of the post. You can park in the Village of Palmyra and take the short stroll over the bridge. I highly recommend it.

I'm looking forward to seeing your #FloatFluvanna entries!

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