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Beach Bum

This is the view of the Rivanna River from Sandy Beach.

If I can only have one first post, I decided it should be on my favorite trail at Pleasant Grove. Pleasant Grove has over 22 miles of hiking trails, but my favorite is the short and easy Sandy Beach Trail.

What I love about this trail is it has a solid gravel pathway making it perfect for many ages. On the way down to the beach you level out in a wooded area. Then after a short walk through a tall grass spot, you are within an earshot of the river. Walk down the river bank and there it is, "Sandy Beach." The beach area has river rocks so the name isn't literal. But many nice summer days the beach will have plenty of residents enjoying the river.

This past Labor Day my family took to the trail for a relaxing and refreshing afternoon. My toddler enjoyed walking around the beach. We had a splendid time.

The walk back up the hill is not overly difficult but does give a little workout. If you are looking for a more strenuous workout, feel free to enjoy the fitness trail! After we got back in the car, we enjoyed burgers at Bottomz Up. Besides walking around the beach, my daughter's favorite part of the day was getting french fries at Bottomz Up! A fantastic and simple day with the family.

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