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A Relaxing Sunday at Cunningham Creek Winery

I don't think we'll be outside Sunday but I'm looking forward to spring time at CCW!

My wife saw the Cunningham Creek Acoustic Sunday schedule and saw an artist name she wanted to hear for Sunday, February 9. A few quick texts to another couple and we are all set for Cunningham Creek's Acoustic Sunday this weekend!

Cunningham Creek Winery is one of our favorite weekend trips because it is easy relaxation. Acoustic Sundays are the winter music events at the winery. A band or musician set up in the tasting room for some light music as we sip some delicious wine. We bring a picnic of usual wine parings such as cheese and crackers. But we've also brought fried chicken from EW Thomas and now we can even grab some BBQ from Wahoo BBQ. Cunningham Creek says on the event page, picnics are welcome!

My daughter's favorite part of the afternoon is saying hello to the two winery dogs, Crush and Corky. The two dogs are so friendly to visitors. She hasn't met Corky yet so I'm sure the two will do the proper "toddler/dog" greeting of pointing, a few pats and maybe a lick or two. No prediction on who licks who though!

Cunningham Creek Winery events are on our calendar. Make sure to check out other events from around the community.

How are you spending your February weekend in Fluvanna? Maybe we'll bump into each other at CCW!

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