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A Conversation with Carmen Smith

Dunbar Schoolhouse

The next in our podcast series, "Conversation with a Community Member" features Carmen Smith. Carmen owns the Dunbar Schoolhouse, a former Rosenwald School near Fork Union.

Listen to A Conversation with Carmen Smith

When Carmen took over ownership of the property, the building was in bad shape. Over the years, Carmen and her family have worked to restore the building. It is the only remaining former Rosenwald School in Fluvanna in a state most closely to its original purpose. The other buildings have been converted to a house or taken down.

Carmen has grand plans for the building to make it the center of her community again. While restoring the building, Carmen is collecting pieces of history to pass along to future generations.

Hear how Carmen first became associated with the building as a teenager, what she's done already for students, what she has planned, and what her projected finished building will look like. All of this is in "A Conversation with Carmen Smith."

From Fluvanna,

Bryan Rothamel

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